Uni CPO compatibility with Elementor

Elementor is a user-friendly page builder plugin for WordPress, enabling users to create visually stunning websites through a simple drag-and-drop interface. It offers a wide range of pre-designed templates and blocks, making website creation a breeze for both beginners and experienced designers. With advanced customization options, Elementor allows users to fine-tune every aspect of their site’s design to achieve their desired look and feel.

Elementor PRO version has support of WooCommerce WordPress plugin that enables e-commerce functionality on WordPress site. It means that Elementor has specific elements, like “Add to cart” and “Product price” which can be used in the single product page template. I have made a very basic template in order to show which Elementor elements can be used and how they are compatible with Uni CPO plugin.

Basic WC related elements in Elementor

I have added these elements: “product title”, “product price” and “add to cart”. As I said, it is a very basic template, however it shows how Elementor works with Uni CPO. The most essential element here is “add to cart”. Specifically this element adds product form created in Uni CPO. It can be seen that in the Elementor editor mode the product form is not visible. The form is not getting loaded for some reason. However, it is being showed on the actual page:

Uni CPO product form on the actual page

The screenshot above shows a very basic setup – just one range slider option. However, the form is visible and the price calculation works just fine. So, Uni CPO integrates well with Elementor! In case you have to change the product form design or anything about the custom product form – options, formulas etc – go to Uni CPO product form editor and do necessary changes there.