Uni CPO compatibility with Bricks

Bricks visual builder for WordPress is easy to use and popular among designers. It lets you build stunning websites quickly. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Bricks has everything you need to make your website look great on any device. This builder is one of the modern builders with accent on performance.

Bricks builder has support of WooCommerce WordPress plugin that enables e-commerce functionality on WordPress site. This tool has specific elements, like “Add to cart” and “Product price” which can be used in the single product page template.

I have made a very basic template in order to testify compatibility of Bricks with Uni CPO plugin. I have added two mentioned previously elements plus product title and meta information elements. And this is how my very basic product page looks like in the editor mode:

Unfortunately, the product form added by Uni CPO is not visible here. I cannot preview it inside editor mode of Bricks. However, the form is visible on the actual product page and works out of the box with any additional settings needed. Please, take a look:

The price calculation works and the price tag CSS selector is compatible as well, so the calculated price instantly visible on the page.