Uni CPO 4.2 is out!

We are proud to announce the release of Uni CPO version 4.2! Some things were fixed, some improved – well, as usual. However, this release adds two new and exciting feature! Let’s review them a bit.

Suboptions Conditional logic

The first feature is “suboptions conditional logic”. It works similar to fields conditional logic, but for suboptions. Currently, the only Select option has got this update, but we plan to add support for Radio/Checkboxes as well.

Basically, this is how it looks like:

Previously, such behaviour could be simulated by adding several similar Select options for your WooCommerce product and then conditionally displaying/hiding them by using Fields Conditional Logic. It is not needed anymore, now you can use Suboptions Conditional Logic and keep only one Select option in this case.

Displaying NOV in cart/order meta

This is the most wanted feature number two according to your, beloved clients, surveys and requests. Now it is possible!

The interface of NOVs has got new fields: a checkbox of enabling displaying of a particular NOV in cart/order meta and an input for custom displaying name. I made the following screenshot for showcasing purpose only, so it shows a bit simplified usage, but I think you have got the idea:

So, I marked the first and the third NOVs to be displayed in cart/order meta an this is how they look like there:

The same will be on the checkout page, “thank you” page and in order meta. NOVs’ values cannot be edited in order meta directly, but they will be updated if any custom option will be updated and according to their (NOVs) formulas.